Don’t Look Down: Senior Cinema Thesis Screening

Sam Yu

For 4 years I have thought about the dawning of this day, the day when I would supposedly have made the most of my experiences in college as the culmination of my academic learning is manifested in the form of my senior cinema thesis film. It is completely ridiculous to think that the next pages I turn to following this one will begin the pages of the next chapter of my life: the working life. But before I get there, I want to share with you all the reason why I have slept on the couch (or not at all) and consumed a diet mostly of caffeine and sugar for the better half of this semester. My classmates and I have slaved away tirelessly, putting our best foot forward to produce films that we are proud of and can call our own. This weekend, I have the amazing privilege of sharing the screen with so many friends I’ve worked with over the last 4 years to bring you “Don’t Look Down: Senior Cinema Thesis Screening” this Sat (12/13) and Sun (12/14) from 7-11PM, and 8-11PM respectively.

My own thesis, “Eye for an Eye” will kick off Sunday night’s screening at 8PM. It has been an absolute terror and joy to pour all of myself into this project, and I cannot be more excited to share it with you all.

Get excited with this trailer put together by Zach Mulligan of all the student films that will be featured this weekend.

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