Reviews – Spiderman: Homecoming, Baby Driver, & Dunkirk

Last week I watched 3 movies, and while I fully intended on sitting down to write more thought-out and extensive reviews, I decided that if I don’t do this now I will probably forget the initial feelings I had coming out of the theater. So in lieu of a more well-written entry, here’s a quick, completely unfiltered and unedited version of my reviews.


Spiderman: Homecoming

10 years later and Marvel is still making big splashes with these summer blockbuster superhero movies. Evidently someone sitting in a big chair somewhere thought, “You know what, maybe what we need is another installment of Spiderman. Third time’s the charm right? Plus people really seemed to like having British superheroes, so let’s stick with that formula again.” This iteration of the comic book superhero definitely had more of a comic book feel to it, which I really appreciate. While the film itself was mostly shot in Georgia, it was nice to see the home-borough be represented (but please stop gentrifying Astoria and Sunnyside. Also on a complete side note, I find no reason to waste time to justify or explain Queens to people who didn’t grow up here). It was strange to see Michael Keaton basically play Birdman, they married those two worlds unintentionally I assume. What this installment got me excited about was the next Avengers, really neat to see this huge project starting to come to the point where it’s all being tied together to the same universe. Knowing how Tom Holland is a dancer also makes the stunts a little more fun to watch. But in typical Marvel fashion, it was as good as I thought it would be, which is to say that I really didn’t have any expectation going into the movie other than to be entertained.


Baby Driver

After watching this film, my boss needed to hire a driver for a few weeks to take him from set to set, but just kept referring to the PA as his “Baby Driver.” I don’t think our “Baby Driver” is out pulling drifts and being an accomplice in heists though, but you never know. Really fun movie, and what immediately stuck out to me and blew me away was the sound design, which made a lot of sense to focus on and really brought a whole other level to the story itself, made it better. The soundtrack is amazing and will now be one of my most-played playlist (8 out of the 10 times that I get into a car, this is now my go-to playlist). At first I really wasn’t all that big on the title, but after watching it and understanding where it came from, I don’t see how else you could’ve named it. It’s definitely way more than just an adrenaline-pumping summer car-chase movie. The characters are likable but despise-able at the same time. Edgar Wright has a pretty incredible knack for storytelling, it has a surprising heart to it. 5 out of 5 from me, go see it, twice. Really nice retro feel to it too.



Intense as heckkkkkk. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer does it again, this time without making your brain do as much mental gymnastics to figure out what is happening. Great sound design and mix, and with very limited dialogue, the mood pretty much falls to the influence of the growing rumbles you’ll hear every once in a while. I really appreciated the telling of this story, as I know close to nothing about it, but there’s something so unique about retelling a piece of history. I thought the editing was VERY WELL DONE and seamless considering the multiple arcs we’re tracking. Tom Hardy’s are the most hard-working set of eyes in Hollywood. This movie made me want to go talk to a war Vet and hear their stories. Seriously, go talk to someone and bring a notebook with you.

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