Portrait Session – Bridgeen

Earlier this week my friend had been trying to order Christmas cards but realized she hadn’t taken any Christmas photos yet. We very quickly set up a time a couple days later to do a shoot. The weather was unseasonably warm (and sunny) for late November, but also happened to be incredibly windy by the bay where I had wanted the photos taken. Instead, we trekked up into Fort Totten where we stopped at a gazebo up in the field.

This has been a personal favorite spot of mine for years – I have often frequented the place when I needed space to think or just be on my own. Despite the challenges I had with the ridiculously harsh sunlight, I had fun telling my germaphobic friend to touch/grab everything that carried a lot of dirt. I also made her lean against a lot of trees which she is allergic to (my bad..), but I am happy that we’re both happy with the results of what we got.


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