(12th) Day of Summer

I love surprises.

Yesterday was supposed to be the 11th day of summer, but I was exhausted when I got home and I couldn’t keep up the daily blogs thing. Streak ends at 10. So today 10 of us went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner in the city to celebrate our dear friend Jon Kim’s birthday. Just a couple of days ago, I told Jon about something that I might do for him, and he told me that I was bad at keeping secrets. To that I replied, “That’s what YOU think!” I have to say, I was a little worried that he would start to get suspicious and what not, but the mission was a huge success! Jon was surprised beyond doubt and it was just a very fulfilling day (minus the aimless walk in 95-degree weather in Central Park). Ellen’s Stardust Diner review? Ehh, the food wasn’t that great and it was overpriced, but the entertainment however, just wow!

All this secret planning stuff really gave me some adrenaline rush; I love watching the giant smile across the faces of those being surprised. It’s been a long week for me; I’ve been really sleep-deprived and just plain tired. Last night when I stayed up till 2 in the morning making Jon’s birthday ‘card’, my hands were literally shaking and all I could think about was how tiring the day will become. I’m finally home now, and although I could’ve used some rest, I am also extremely satisfied. Truth be told, the more I get to hang out with the group of Seekers people, the more grateful I am that God has placed them in my life. Although most of these interactions didn’t take place until late in the school year and into the summer, I feel like for a good while now, I’ve gotten the chance to knit my group of supporting brothers & sisters in Christ closer.

But sometimes I am afraid that I neglect my YG kids. I have to admit, the stuff that they choose to do are a lot less enticing for me, but I love them still the same. With two new YG officers now, I am really excited to work with two of my younger peers whom I really trust and respect. I’m excited to see them in their full potential, and I’m excited to see how they will carry on our group after I leave. Even now, I still prefer my Seekers friends over YG kids, but they live in such a special place in my heart that if something was to seriously hurt them, it would bring me grief also. I know that I have always been amazed by how Seekers builds friendships for life, and how it becomes so supportive for everyone involved, and as much as I want that to happen for my life, I also want to see that with my home church. Asian churches have a notorious reputation for having that giant gap between high school kids and adults, that generation that leaves for college & beyond and never look back. It’s been the same with our church for a while, but praise God that it’s starting to turn around now, slowly but surely.

Three years from now, I would really love to see where my life would end up. I feel like today’s celebration for Jon was a small glimpse of what could come; but I also wonder if I will get to have that same level of relationship with my friends at church.

Like I said, I love surprises.

2 thoughts on “(12th) Day of Summer

  1. Well, surprises makes our daily loves more bearable!
    And, your card was great! I liked it a lot.
    And I know what you mean by the differences within the yg kids and seekers kids. I neglected my yg kids too. Honestly, it was one of the more regretful decisions I’ve made. You should take care of them as you would for Seekers. We’re all part of the same family ! 😀

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