“Leftover Women” of China

I don’t often identify myself as a person of Chinese descent, because there’s such a complicated history between mainland China and Taiwan. To be completely honest, I spend very little of my time thinking about being an “Asian American” because of how little that identity actually influences me, yet I feel that having spent my formative years growing up in Taiwan probably makes me “more Asian” than … Continue reading “Leftover Women” of China

By His stripes we are healed

Late Post from Good Friday/Easter reflections Every Good Friday, churches and fellowships across the world gather together in somber remembrance of Jesus’ road to Calvary and crucifixion, often times at these services we come before the foot of His cross, broken by the weight of our own sins and by the weight of His burden. This Good Friday, like many, I meditated on the words … Continue reading By His stripes we are healed

Write Characters, not stories

As a result of watching a lot of USAnetwork television, I have constantly heard their motto play, “Characters Welcomed.” Initially I felt like it was nothing more than a fitting description and motto that they’re committed to; each of the shows on the network is driven by compelling characters. But soon I began to realize the secret formula to writing great stories all along: the … Continue reading Write Characters, not stories


Leading up to the season of prom, I began talking to several of my friends about relationships and scandalous couples (or super adorable ones). In the process, I actually discovered quite a bit about myself, and some of it was no less than a painful discovery. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too selfish of a person to handle certain friendships, let alone a … Continue reading Selflessness