God made more than just the greenbacks

Well, clearly I don’t care about school anymore to not bother attempting to fix my sleeping pattern. Anyways, I just needed to put some thoughts to rest, especially concerning not working this summer. Long story short, after some lengthy conversation with several different people (on both sides of the issue), I have concluded that I have spent too much time putting myself to work that … Continue reading God made more than just the greenbacks


The more I think with my head, the more things seem to make sense, but the less my heart is there. This is another one of those rants about the pressure college puts on me. I really wish I could start over, but we’re way past that. Throughout this whole ordeal, it’s becoming clear to me where I’m supposed to be headed in the long … Continue reading Lost


I just wanted to write this down somewhere (aside from my post-it pad) so that I will always remember it. Anyways, today Mr. Serrano (yearbook advisor) was feeling ill and walking around school with a fever. When he came back into the office, he looked so dead. I asked him in a slightly sarcastic tone, “Had a nice stroll?” Then came the smallest, but most … Continue reading Calm


It’s only been a day or so since Japan was struck by a twin disaster, and they are only getting started. For some reason, while I can definitely relate to the struggle (yes, even though I slept through a 7.2 magnitude earthquake as a child, I still remember the devastation), I feel so detached. Watching the recorded footages unfold on tv didn’t seem to trigger … Continue reading Nippon


I’ve never really “bought” into the practice of lent. I suppose the fact that it derived from Catholic tradition made it seem more like a religious facade to me than anything else. I’m not against fasting, it’s just that some people seem to count down the days to when they can go back to filling the place that God is supposed to be with other … Continue reading Lent


It’s been a week since I left for my last Unity Retreat, and though I’ve e-mailed certain beloved alumni (yes, consider yourselves special!) about the retreat, most of it was still just recounting the events that took place. I think there’s something I want to say about the entire retreat in general that would sum up this whole experience for me. From the planning that’s … Continue reading Unity


As much as we all hate to admit it, no one likes failures. And boy did I create not one, not two, but THREE EPIC FAILS, all┬ásimultaneously. Long story short, I had forgotten to add sugar to the three cheesecakes I was making for the church bake sale tomorrow afternoon. It had totally slipped my mind and it wasn’t until my mom had tasted a … Continue reading Failure