Annoyingly Good

Some time ago I wrote a Facebook note about never being able to understand God’s love. Here’s a bit about the other thing I will never understand – God’s humor.

I’m pretty sure we all have one of those annoyingly perfect Christian friends. Heck, I might be that person to someone. But as much as you want to punch him/her in the face sometimes, you know that deep down, you thank them for being there, all, the, freaking, time. Sometimes A lot of times. God ALWAYS does this really annoying thing to me where He gives me His eyes to see things from how He felt thousands of years ago, and it gives me no excuse to be angry at Him for not being heard. He also does this other really annoying thing, but it’s truthfully the biggest blessing of my life.

Many times, at the end of an utterly crappy day, I want to feel defeated, I want to get knocked out on my bed extremely pissed off at how God allowed certain events to unfold. But, that’s usually not what I find. Usually, I find my brain singing praise songs about God’s goodness. Really? Of all the things you think of in an aggravating situation like this is to praise God about how today turned out?!

It’s not even optimism, that’s just something completely different. But God loves to humor me by making me feel so good at the end of the day, and they usually start in the form of songs.

Even in my darkest and most painful of times, I can only ever still do one thing, and that is to bring You praise. You are that good, and I will never understand why though none of this ever makes sense, I still love it with the deepest part of my core.

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