Be the Teacher

Ever since I was little, there’s a part of me that dreamed of being a teacher one day. I won’t lie now, I was one of those girls who lined her stuffed animal up on the bed and used the back of my closed doors as the “chalkboard”. Back then, it was the thought of being able to purchase miscellaneous school items that intrigued me, but over the years, the utter crappy-ness of Lewis has given me another epiphany. I find that high school presents the best opportunities for a young and flourishing mind. Think about it, while you receive your last years of free education, you are given a wide selection of courses that may help you spark an interest. Though many still have no clue what to do with their life well into their 30s, a lot of people begin to zero in on a goal during high school.

Even though life has been good and carefree for me, a lot of times I regret the fact that I settled for mediocrity at Lewis. When I watch performances at LaGuardia, or when I visit Stuyvesant, I begin to wish I was more ambitious back then. Especially in the arts, these schools provide such amazing atmosphere and opportunities, and meanwhile, what’s going on at Lewis? Half the school didn’t even know it was Spirit Week today. I’m not going to lie, this school sucks. But there’s a part of me that’s itching to be able to return to this dump and change all that. The tech department at Lewis is growing very slowly, and I am fortunate to be able to sit in on a class during my senior year, but a lot of times I wish I could help them open that door much faster.

One of my biggest disappointment throughout the years, is the school’s music department.

Actually, the list of why I hate this school can go on and on, and it doesn’t necessarily break my heart, but it makes me want to come back and change all that. In a twisted way I am attempting to relive my high school years by returning as a teacher and “spicing things up”. For every reason that I hate Lewis, I can think of an alternative that I would do as a teacher to make high school a better experience for youngin’s

But then again, I might hate it even more if I have to endure high school shenanigans again for the rest of my life.
Only God knows.

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