It’s only been a day or so since Japan was struck by a twin disaster, and they are only getting started. For some reason, while I can definitely relate to the struggle (yes, even though I slept through a 7.2 magnitude earthquake as a child, I still remember the devastation), I feel so detached. Watching the recorded footages unfold on tv didn’t seem to trigger anything deep inside. What is this? Am I a robot? My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the disaster, but for some unsettling reason, I feel as though I’m just kicking back from the other side of the world while the Japanese live through their¬†Apocalypse.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, how many natural disasters has to happen before humanity realize that life is not in our control?

Tuesday night’s dinner fast&pray will be centered on Japan. May God heal all the brokenness that’s inside

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