I’ve never really “bought” into the practice of lent. I suppose the fact that it derived from Catholic tradition made it seem more like a religious facade to me than anything else. I’m not against fasting, it’s just that some people seem to count down the days to when they can go back to filling the place that God is supposed to be with other distractions again. It’s a bit cynical of me to kind of chuckle at the people who are choosing to give up their media stuff. I am not admitting an addicting of any kind to Facebook, Aim, or Hulu and my tv shows, or certain types of food even. I have my reasons for not wanting to fast some of those things for 4o days, and I’m ashamed to have to say so. But I also find that removing those distractions from my life won’t really help me spend more time in prayer. In fact, I am pretty sure I will just find other distractions.

So instead, I am going to commit to fasting dinner on Tuesday nights. I think that if I take out the hour(s) I am supposed to eat, it’ll actually PUSH me to pray, which I think, is the ultimate purpose of fasting. I am actually looking forward to doing this. But to keep consistent with fasting something for 40 days, I’m going to also attempt giving up chocolate. As cliche as it sounds, it’s actually quite hard, especially if you live in my house.

In short, I have also (at Cindy’s suggestion), made a proposition to go through the period of lent with my Seekers leaders. I have emphasized the fact that I don’t really care what you fast, how much of it you fast, or if you fast at all. But everyone sets and alarm to praying time every day. Jesus didn’t fast to rub his accomplishment and superior self-control in our faces, he did it to grow more intimate with his Father. I actually haven’t told my parents about my decision yet, but I hope they’ll understand and support it. This is my first time doing lent, and I’m pushing myself into the deep(er) end of the pool.

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