I just wanted to write this down somewhere (aside from my post-it pad) so that I will always remember it.

Anyways, today Mr. Serrano (yearbook advisor) was feeling ill and walking around school with a fever. When he came back into the office, he looked so dead. I asked him in a slightly sarcastic tone, “Had a nice stroll?” Then came the smallest, but most golden moment of my day; this was my God-sighting. He mentioned how as he walked around, he passed the room we were holding Seekers in, and hearing Paul sing “From the Inside Out”, it comforted him even though today was clearly not his best day. He sang the song in Spanish, and immediately I recognized the melody. I remember when he first told me he was a Seekers alum from DeWitt Clinton, that I had wanted to talk to him a little bit more about it. After hearing his little story, it brought so much joy inside my heart. Though I didn’t know what to reply with, we ended up spending about a good 15 minutes talking about praise songs and traded stories.

It was such a neat moment, getting to just sit and talk to a teacher about praise songs of all things! Once all this craziness with yearbook is done with, I plan on asking him to help us with Jesus Day, what specifically, I have no clue…anyways, Loveshim covered for Rosa today, and YJ came to visit. Christine told me how much she felt God provide today, and I told them Serrano’s story. Totally unbeknown to us, God made a mundane Wednesday into something to treasure. Although I hated the fact that I couldn’t play in today’s game, or practice all week for that matter (I couldn’t even stay out to watch the whole thing, dad does not want me to be in the cold…), it was a bit of a nice trade-off getting to spend time with Seekers kids.

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