IC Night 2

I decided to turn this into a journaling type of thing for my college freshmen year. Only because I’m too lazy to take out pen and paper right now. I met my roommate Leah and her family today; nice people. I’m glad I ended up choosing someone who was a Christian and not taking the chance to live with just a random stranger. For the two nights that I’ve been here, I still haven’t shed a single tear, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to, that’ll take away the experience of being in college. Don’t get me wrong, I miss home, I really do. But I also want to see myself doing more than just what was familiar to me. Meeting new friends, being social, I’m just waiting for classes to get started so I can kill myself with the busy schedule, and love the new things I’m learning in school.

This is gonna be 4 years that will change my life, I can already feel it.

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