(16th) Day of Summer

A classic summer night

It’s nights like these that make me wish I didn’t have work tomorrow, which is sort of an ironic thing for me to say, because today was payday! Tonight, I went to support my friend Tina Koo as she prepares to leave for missions with YWAM/DTS in New Zealand for 5 months. I had to pass up the opportunity to watch “Inception” for this, which for a movie buff like me, is a very big deal, but it comes nowhere close to this dear friend of mine. I guess it kind of didn’t hit me until tonight, that I will miss Tina for the time she’s away. 5 months seems like a really long time, but then again, time flies. As much as I’m going to miss her, I am also very thrilled for her. I remember the day I got her message about getting accepted by YWAM, I felt such joy from the bottom of my heart, even though I wouldn’t see her for a long while and I would much rather be the one in New Zealand.

So to Tina if you ever find my blog:

You have my word that I will be behind you 100% as you leave for New Zealand next Thursday. I will keep you in prayer for as long as I can. I pray that you will have a lot of things to share with us when you come back. Standing in Assembly of God tonight made us all think back to last summer when we (more like you guys) did PURE. I think this is what we call a full circle right? This current group of friends started out from that church last summer, and a year later we stand in the same place, ready to send a beloved friend out into the world to make our God known. Tina Koo, I cannot explain in words how my life changed after I got to hang out with you a lot more. I can only pray that you will be the difference in the lives of those you touch.

On another note, after Tina’s “thing” (friend-rasier? Dessert Banquet?), a bunch of us went to Fort Totten for Jae’s birthday. Or we just decided to go to Fort Totten for no reason. But anyways, standing on the bedrocks sort of made me miss last summer, when we stayed out late and just enjoyed the summer nights. I miss that, and it sucks because I have work everyday now. Anyways, although our time together was short today, it definitely made me smile. I now have to stay up a little longer than I expected to plan for tomorrow’s math lesson.

Tonight has been reminiscent of last summer, but in a way it feels like we’re moving forward, and I love that.

One thought on “(16th) Day of Summer

  1. Yepp.
    I think living the life equals moving on and taking new adventures while holding on to the good parts of the past. Cus, its the past who makes you who you are and the future is for yours to explore! 😀

    And, maybe we’ll have more night outingss and maybe even go stargazing :DD

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