(24th) Day of Summer

You make everything glorious

I was THIS  close to not going into work today. You see, in the morning when I was in the bathroom, I almost passed out. What the cause was, I’m still not entirely sure. All I know was that when I was about to brush my teeth, my hearing started to get muffled and a white glow began to cover my vision. I remember dropping my glasses into the sink, but I couldn’t find it because I felt myself nodding and swaying away. Next thing you know, I was reaching for the doornob to get back into my bed, except as I was trying to find the nob, my head kept hitting the door. It was all very vague and frightening. So I laid in bed for an extra hour, and contemplated on not going to work. In the end, I decided I would go, because for the past week, the 3rd guy who helps us make snacks hasn’t showed up, and I wasn’t about to leave the last poor fellow alone to make snacks (and drinks) for 180 kids on his own.

When I got to work, Teacher Kenny didn’t show up, so I was called on to do an impromptu worship session. If I had my way, I would’ve just politely said no, because I was honestly going through the day still a little light-headed. But for whatever reason I decided that it was a good idea, and I borrowed a friend’s guitar to play “Here I Am to Worship” for the next 15 minutes. Throughout the day, I just tried to apply what I had learned recently and be one of the kids. Possibly also affected by what happened in the morning, I really wasn’t in the mood to yell at kids today. During Mandarin class, we watched a video and I got some nice down-time to rest then. I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately I started to feel the kids open up more to me. To them, I’m still going to be the yelling teacher; but now I’m also seen as their friend. As I went around the room to interact with the children, I started to see myself as one of them.

Now as I sit here typing this, my head still feels just a tiny bit off. But now I realize how much I could’ve missed if I hadn’t showed up to work today. God works in funny ways; it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, He will always manage to help you bear good fruits.

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