(33rd) Day of Summer

Viva La Vida

Today was supposed to be filming day, except Ryan overslept on me by 3 hours. I ended up using my own camcorder, but I don’t think the camera-handling was that great considering. A lot of the angles/shots were a lot more harder to get than I anticipated. So for most part of the morning, I just let Dan Tan run around the playground at Peck Park, pretending like it was the place of his old kingdom. Now that I was able to get this project going, I feel like I’m stuck on what to do next, because this is the first time I’m initiation something of this sort. Hopefully I’ll get more filming days, and the whole thing doesn’t feel too cheesy at the end. Man, serious hobbies really take a lot of time and effort. After a morning of softball practice and constructive criticism, I had the WORST MEAL EVER at Blue Bay Diner. Warning: When in doubt, ALWAYS GO WITH THE OMELETTE! The fettuccine al fredo I had was pretty much just dried nooble soaked in butter and more butter. It was absolutely disgusting.

It’s been quite a long week and day. When I sat in the living room in the afternoon, I realized how long it’s been since I sat there at that hour. Right now I’m just really tired and doing some last minute preparations for tomorrow. I’m really psyched about the Hillsong Concert tomorrow. Although most of them have opted out of going, I hope it will be a true blessing to those of us who are going.

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