Portrait Session – Bean’s Christmas 2018

Decided (for kicks) to take pictures for Bridgeen’s Christmas cards again this year. With the weather being so unpredictable in the northeast during this time of year (and after braving the strong wind and cold last year, also making her do a lot of things she’s uncomfortable with like touching trees that she’s allergic to and picking up leaves with lots of dirt), we opted to go indoor instead this time around.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage space with limited lighting options, but luckily we had the idea to play with Christmas lights to create a playful and magical feel. The other difference this time around is that we had some lovely people standing by who voluntarily pitched in to help decorate and set dress the space for us.

I’m still so rusty and an amateur by all means, and I will continue to feel that way with still photography, but here are some select results that capture both the mood, and my dear friend so well.


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