Searching for Home

I’m about two months late on this recap, but things just picked up so quickly as soon as I returned to New York from my travels that I never got the chance to sit down and write anything longer than a social media post about it. Over the course of 3 weeks, my journeys took me through 8 airports, 2 National Parks, 4 costal cities, … Continue reading Searching for Home

Wrap up thoughts on College & LA: The end of the seasons

Four months ago I hopped on a plane heading for the west coast, back to the city I was born in but have so little memory of. For the better part of the last four years of college, I’ve lived in seasons: always moving from place to place, nothing was permanent and everything was temporary. I’ve learned invaluable lessons along the way, and I treated … Continue reading Wrap up thoughts on College & LA: The end of the seasons

In N’ Out vs. Shake Shack

Now that I have found myself on the west coast, the left coast, it’s only a matter of time until I get my hands on In N’ Out. The immediate question to follow┬áis one that I anticipate eventually always comes up to those that have been on both coasts: Which chain is better? In N’ Out, or Shake Shack? It’s a debate that has gone … Continue reading In N’ Out vs. Shake Shack