(36th) Day of Summer

Keeps going

So I just took a 10-15 minute nap in my brother’s room. I’m not sure if I can call it a nap though; I think I was falling in and out of consciousness; it kept making me think of Inception. I’ve been going through the day on 6 hours of sleep each day, and I think it’s really catching up to me. I think that’s why summer felt so short this year, I spent more than half the time awake and busy doing something. Today I was having such a hard time keeping my eyes open at work, I felt bad but I really wanted to put my head down somewhere and rest. This summer I’ve been so crazy busy; I find myself doing errands during my 45 minute lunch break; sometimes I just end up eating as I walk around downtown Flushing.

I finally got to test out my new bat today; although compared to other bats, it’s pretty basic, but I can finally stop playing Goldilocks with my 5th grade bat and Jeff’s bat. My internet hasn’t been able to stabilize itself since I got home two hours ago, and it’s kind of really annoying me right now. So I guess I’ll just stick to finishing this post. I feel like a lot of things haven’t gone as planned this summer, like I’m just praying and hoping that God has my back on pretty much everything.

Today’s post is going to be super short. This jumpy internet thing is really pissing me off…

One thought on “(36th) Day of Summer

  1. That bat makes such a cool noise when it hits haha, but it is too light for me to use. If we were counting strikes, Jeff probably got me like 8 strikes lol.

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