(36th) Day of Summer

Iris made me a friendship bracelet today. I feel kind of bad because all the things she’s gotten me thus far were all jokingly asked for (ok, yea, just the iPod). I’m actually surprised that sometimes people take my sarcasm seriously. I’m kind of good at just changing my mood with my facial expression; so yesterday I made this middle school kid sit in “time out” facing the wall because he was annoying me a bit. I guess I appeared like I wasn’t joking, and he obeyed. However, he didn’t leave his seat even though I gave him several chances. I think for the most part he was just playing along with me, but even still, I really have to watch what I say sometimes.

So I’ve been preparing a body worship for the kids to present at graduation at the end of Summer Day Camp. When I watch them, it’s not quite what I pictured in my head. Honestly some of them are just super unmotivated and don’t care about anything you do except for when you give them free time. Sometimes I really want to strangle some of the kids, but they teach me stuff I wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise. I always thought that I was just going to work this summer. I initially planned to save up the summer before senior year, and then splurge a little after graduation. Now I’m starting to have second thoughts. As rigorous as the day-to-day schedule is, and as annoying as the kids are, something about all this work feels kind of nice. I really don’t want to be thinking about that right now though; that’s a problem for future Sam to work on.

Man, does future Sam have a lot of work to do…

One thought on “(36th) Day of Summer

  1. “As rigorous as the day-to-day schedule is, and as annoying as the kids are, something about all this work feels kind of nice.”

    That was me for the past 4 summers. LOL.
    I think what’s really nice is the relationships you form with your co-workers and the children. Sure there are some kids that are super annoying, but there are also some that are really cute and nice. I’ve told you my stories with the kids right? lol

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