(38th) Day of Summer

I’m supposed to be up in 6 hours doing last minute food shopping for our beach outing. I am so screwed. Today has been an absolute dread. The trip wasn’t all that exciting, and the ride home, well, let’s just say finding bathrooms in the middle of the BQE is NO FUN AT ALL. With the ending of Summer Day Camp, and the Seekers hangouts still going on, something about this summer is finally starting to close. On Sunday we’re playing a scrimmage game against Newtown church. I kind of feel bad for not being able to attend tomorrow’s scrimmage against North Shore Baptist. But on the actual day of the tournament I can’t play anyways, so this should be their preparation to play without me, haha. Best wishes to you guys though!

Today has been long and tiring; and tomorrow will be exciting and tiring. I’m just hoping that I still have enough left in me for what was supposed to be an epic outing.

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