(39th) Day of Summer

Beach Day

I finally made it to the beach today for the first time in years. Although it was planned very hastily and very last-minute, the day definitely ended on a good note. We wanted to watch the meteor shower also, but I think some of us were pretty tired from the events of the day. It was really great to spend a day with a bunch of people I would otherwise never really hang out with. Feeling the sand between my toes was really great, and today was the absolute perfect weather. The waves were coming in pretty high though. As I stood by the beach, I look out and all I can see is just the horizon stretching from one end to the other. It’s in moments like these that I realize the earth is in fact, round. When I was looking out into the ocean towards the end of the day, I am reminded of that scene in The Truman Show where Truman sails out into the sea, and when he comes to the horizon line, he discovers that the “sky” was in fact just a dome.

I was up pretty darn early this morning, and I’m gonna have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow to play piano. So I kept thinking to myself that I wasn’t going to get sunburned. Only I forgot to put sunscreen on my front side, so right now the skin beneath my neck is flaming red. Thank God for Aloe! Sometimes I feel like we hang out just a little too much, and that we can use more spiritual-growth-focused stuff. But now that I see so much fellowship with one another, I realize that it was a good training before school starts. I always wondered how John Chan became treasurer for Bayside; they are so screwed next year! This past week, although hectic, really taught me a lot about leadership and working with others. As reminded again today, we need to be FAT (Faithful, Available, and Teachable). And getting to work with Austin and John to put together this beach day kind of gives me a glimpse of the coming year. Planning for events is not easy in any way; but I would honestly do it again with these guys any day. Ok, maybe not any day; and maybe not always John; spending too much time with him can corrupt your mind. That’s not to say he’s totally useless, we need people like him in our group sometimes to make the leap.

As the summer slowly comes to a close (there are only 3 weeks left! 2 for college students, which unfortunately includes my CN class), I am becoming more and more anxious for Leadership conference and just planning for the new year. God’s doing something really amazing, and getting to be a part of that movement is just mind-blowing.

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