(43rd) Day of Summer

Three words.

For the past couple of days now, a couple teachers and I have been going through day to day on this motto: Not my problem. I guess it’s a side effect of being sick too, but lately I haven’t really cared much about the “problems” we encounter. Work will be ending this week, and I’m still trying to figure out if that’s supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes when I’m at work I really feel like I’m missing out on a lot of the fun. I think I will stick with the original plan and just go all our the summer of my senior year. Either that, or I’ll work half the time, but it’ll be tough to find a job only for a month. Anyways, that’s something I won’t have to worry about for a long time.

As we pass mid-August, some of my friends will be going away to college. It’s kind of strange to think about growing up sometimes.  My internet hasn’t been able to stabilize itself since I got home 3 hours ago. I’m surprised I haven’t gone super impatient on it yet. It’s hard to think of how I lived through years of no internet. Man, my kids are soooo screwed over. Right now I’m just preoccupied listening to a newly discovered artist. Priscilla Ahn has something about her that really sparkles. She’s a solo performer; her voice is outstanding; and her personality as a whole is so bubbly that I just can’t stand it. She reminds me a lot of Ana from Ace of Cakes, and I guess that’s also why I really like her. I read her bio briefly before and found out one of her hobbies was ice sculpting, how cool is that!

So basically right now I’m going back into the phase of looking for lesser-known performers and their works. Tim Be Told is definitely still one of my favorites, but these solo performers are inching in. I woke up this morning and my voice was worse than the day before. Plus now I have a runny nose. I really don’t like where I am right now. I guess a jumpy internet also means I have no choice but to crash early today.

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