(52nd) Day of Summer

“You got brinner? Damn Turkledawg!”

My summer working period has come to an end. Well, sort of. Next week is Leadership Conference, and then I still have to do assignments, write papers, and do my projects. We ended VBS today, and although the week has been really hectic, it has been a fun ride. Now I have to change my gears and start to do a lot of planning and studying. I love it when George makes dinner on Friday nights; unless Brenda is the one making it. Brinner was AWESOME! For those who are absolutely clueless, brinner is essentially “breakfast for dinner”. Jeff and I “learned” about it through watching “Scrubs”. Who says television destroys the minds. I really think we should make brinner an annual thing. I had George make me Micky Mouse pancakes. Except they got turned into Minnie Mouse.

Watching DT today was so depressing. We all miss Andrew too, but I can’t imagine how he must feel; to have the one person who grew up with you for 17 years leave is pretty life-changing. I mean, I kind of can understand how he feels because there were really lonely days when Jeff was away. But this is his twin we’re talking about; I feel like as much comfort I can offer him, I really don’t know how to help him cope with living without Andrew. Watching his facial expression today reminded me of how alone I used to feel when Jeff first went away for college. I used to set up shop in his room and tell my parents that I do so because his room has better internet connection than mine. Truth is, I needed something to fill up that space to keep myself sane. He probably will cry himself to sleep tonight, that’s something I can’t help him with. But time spent apart teaches you how to be strong, and that’s something you can never learn unless people leave, whether it be temporary or permanent. Seeing the way Dan reacted made me think about my potential college choices. As much as I want to leave the city, living apart from Jeff again will be very hard. Four years will come and go very quickly, but when you’re living in the moment things can become very hard to adjust to. After Jeff moved back home last year, it felt like we were kids again, living under the same roof, goofing off in the same way. I always told myself that when I go away for college, it’ll be different because this time I’m the one looking for the adventures. I don’t think that’s going to be as easy as I think it will be.

I really can’t wait for college; but now the reason to stay is equally strong as the reason to leave.

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