Nine years later

It’s hard to believe that next year will mark a decade since 9/11. I guess it didn’t have as much of a personal impact on me since I was young and moved to the States about the month before the attack. That doesn’t make this day any less significant though. Some of the people I know personally had amazing stories about how God saved their lives that day, it’s always great to hear how in the midst of all the sorrow and grief, God still protects.

On a lighter note, today was the first MTS of the school year, yay! I woke up 15 min. before I was supposed to get to Flushing, and I was actually one of the last people to show up, which was surprising considering Seeker’s reputation of the bad streak of punctuality. Hopefully that will change this year though; we got to the church before 9:30AM! That has GOT to be a new record! It was really awesome to see a lot of different schools represented; for once Brooklyn Tech put themselves on the map again! Now we just gotta work on Bronx Sci…I was also glad that another leader from Lewis aside from Christine and myself were able to come out. Seeing Jon was not that much of a surprise, haha. Knowing this is a long weekend I actually kind of expected it. Today’s turnout kind of gave me a glimpse of this coming year, and I have high hopes for where we will go this year. I didn’t exactly spend a lot of time praying about our vision. That day at Leadership Conference, when it clicked in my head everything made so much more sense. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Our biggest challenge now is to make sure that while we focus on the “inside”, we can’t ignore the people who are on the outside; otherwise we’d just turn Seekers into an exclusive thing, which is not cool. My biggest hope is that by the end of the year, we would have already made the upcoming leadership into a family. That way they can start out with a bang and really get to focus on reaching out to the lost. See, I’m being considerate, I’m cutting them half the work by making sure they’re already involved and committed to working with each other.

After MTS, about 16 of us headed to Times Square to Dallas BBQ. I’ve never been there before but have wanted to for quite some time now. They actually give you a lot for the price you pay, which is really decent. Our waiter was a pretty cool guy too. I love how when we do things in groups, we’re not afraid to approach people and be friendly. As much as people would hate a crowd of youngsters, I think there’s something about the way we act that kind of draws them to us. It’s because we have Jesus in our lives and we reflect His love.

I’m really excited for the things that God will do this year, except unlike last year, it’s not a jittery knot in my stomach. For some reason, although nothing has officially happened yet, I feel very at peace and rest assured at the fact that God will come through. That’s not to say that we won’t encounter conflict, but for some reason it feels like I know what God will do for us, so all the problems in the way that have yet to come kind of don’t matter to me as much anymore.

So this is what not having any burden feels like.

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