(The Last) Day of Summer

And for the last time….

Tomorrow will be my last first day in High School. This is insane. Looking at my schedules and teachers now, I might hate it. But there are a lot of other things that would make up for it. I was laying in bed last night thinking to myself, “By this time next year, I would probably have moved out into my dorm and already started class”. High school really are your golden years. So we finally had our first leaders meeting with almost all the leaders today; only missing Paul, our mystery praise leader who none of us have met. Pastor Doug joined us for the meeting, but I felt like we shoved so much information at their faces today. I spent some time just explaining to them the basis.

Although for the most part I was just talking, but I heard some good inputs and I’m pretty excited to see what’s going to happen. The infamous debate about keeping Seekers on a Wednesday returned and I feel like there’s not a strong argument to keep it on Wednesday. Not to say that I’m inconsiderate, but I feel like Wednesday has worked really well in the past. I’m open to changes too though. I guess this is where prayer goes in. They all seemed to like the idea of having more of a focus on building the leadership first, but it also feels like they’re not saying much.

All I can say it, get ready for the time of your life!

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