(59th) Day of Summer

Last round

Tomorrow ends the days of summer. Tomorrow we go back to school for metrocards. Although technically classes don’t start till the 13th, it’s finally time to start settling down. This whole summer, a lot has changed. The beginning felt like the end of an era; a lot of the people who I’ve come to know and love experienced changes and weren’t as readily available for me as they used to be. It felt like it was finally time for me to go out on my own. But I was fortunate enough to encounter another group of people who throughout this past two months have made this summer worth it. As I reorganize my schedule for the week, everything looks a bit busy still. I still have a lot of work to get done with. I think I’m really bad in my work in that when someone comes up to me with a matter that I would care about, I immediately drop what’s at my side and try to help out this friend. Or, sometimes I may even plan my schedule around them.

Sam, why do you do stupid things for the people you love?

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