(58th) Day of Summer

Breathing Room

School is supposed to start officially this coming Wednesday, but since I only have to be in school for two hours, it’s like not going to school at all. My Sociology class is cancelled this week which means I won’t be having class again until next Thursday, so guess what I’m NOT doing! Last night as I was so desperately trying to multi-task and be productive, a disappointing news dawned on me. I guess I’ve focused a lot on work this year and now that I look back, I did absolutely NOTHING towards college preparation. Which is really a shame. So in the next month, I am going to attempt to build a portfolio and enter several contests for scholarship opportunities. All the while trying to do other stuff. Man, I never thought the time would come that I’d have to make a decision of this caliber.

So I have approximately a week to get myself back into intensive and focus working mode. That doesn’t sound so hard right? I think I’m going to start by adjusting my sleeping pattern. That means I have to crash before midnight today. I have about an hour, let’s see how that goes.

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