(57th) Day of Summer

Perfect mixture

I didn’t get up til 12 today, because my room was so nicely lit and so comfortable that I just ended up staying in my bed for hours. Anyways, half our EM went crabbing in Long Island today. I decided to stay home and get some work done. I am close to finish my first AP assignment, but the essay has next to zero format or structure. Man, I need a lot of catching up to do. It’s still not settling in that this coming week I will be entering my senior year of high school. It’s so crazy to think that 4 years ago I was this fresh-faced little girl trying to figure her place in the world. To this day, I still communicate with some of the closest friends I’ve met my freshmen year.

Today’s weather was just the absolute perfect mixture of sunshine, breeze, and chill-factor. I went out for a run in the late afternoon, and man am I out of shape! As soon as I got home, I crashed and slept for half an hour. Days like this makes me wish time would slow down so I can really enjoy life, but since I stayed home today to be productive, I should probably work on that. Sometimes I can be a terrible worker. As organized as I am, I fall into the habit of multitasking, until a certain point where things appear to be really disorganized. I don’t know if I have the patience to sit still and just work through one thing. I mean I do have the patience, but my mind just wanders too much and doesn’t allow me to do one job without thinking about the other. That’s why both my personal projects and academic projects take me so much time, because I need to do a little every now and then.

Like for example, I’m supposed to be finishing my essay, instead I have my Google Chrome opened with about 6 tabs, one of them being the WordPress blog. Oh, and I’m apparently attempting to read too.

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