(4th) Day of Summer

Relieved. Thankful.

God willing, I made it through my first week! I just had a shower race with my brother, and I beat him by a good 10-second margin. Yes, I am the girl in the family, and don’t worry, I soaped myself TWICE.

The more I spend my time reading my devos and working with pesky little children, the more I start to feel God change my view of service. When I used to complain about the burden, my mom would always say to me “Stand in Christ, and do it for God”. It just seemed like something I already knew and was already striving for, so many times I waved it off and told her that wasn’t it. Only until now do I finally understand that if I stand in Christ, none of this would become a burden, rather it becomes a privilege, as tiring as it may seem.

And then again, the more I feel pain or hurt, the more I understand God’s heart, and how it must feel like for Him to see us turn away and indulge in sinful pleasures. A lot of times when I tell God that it doesn’t seem fair that people react to us the way they do, and that things were just too hard to handle on my own, I turn it around and I understand what it must’ve felt for Him to be scorned by the very people He came to die and save. It’s in those times of desperate pleas that I hear myself answer my own question, with just a simple, “Do you remember when they did that to me?”

“Oh what mercy has been granted me, for the filthy rags I’ve worn

Clothed in sacrifice too great to speak and of new life reborn…

…Jesus Christ who died for me, gave His life so that I could be free”

TBT//The Hymn

One thought on “(4th) Day of Summer

  1. hmm, I find what you say very interesting, esp. the part about understanding God’s heart. I guess children can be as pure as they can be and seeing them stray from the path at such an early age would be very heartbreaking to watch.

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