(5th) Day of Summer


It’s been a while since I was finally able to catch a break. It’s nice to be able to sleep past 8 for a change. For about a good month now, I’ve been hanging out with a group of people that became close to my heart. Getting the chance to just sit back and be around them again was time well spent. Whatever happened inside our own Seekers was the past; the most that came out of it was getting to know the people serving in other schools. It’s amazing how united in Christ, we can all come together and fellowship. I remember someone once asked me how I knew so many people outside of our school, and I guess up to that point I never realized how much connection Seekers has. It’s been such a big part of my high school life, and I don’t doubt that it will remain that way.

The other day, I was reading the notebook the leadership from 04-05 started. Somewhere in there my brother spotted his name from the years when he was involved. There was always a part of me that wondered if I would end up as a leader one day too, but I never really intentionally went after it. Five years later, the book landed in my hands. I have yet to write anything in it because I don’t feel like it’s time, but I’m definitely scared and excited for what God has in store for us.

Sometimes I still forget the fact that Seekers is supposed to be a supplement to our faith. Somewhere along the way, that line got blurred and I found myself making Seekers the source and church the supplement. Maybe now I still feel more comfortable with my peers from Seekers, but I am still very proud of how my babies at church have grown. I guess looking at how closely knit Jeff and Sunroot’s generation were through Seekers, I have always been drawn to what the club did for their lives. Maybe I went into this for the wrong reasons, but now I definitely feel the same closeness I saw in them. I’m glad that God has used this door to bring me to some of the best friends I’ll ever make. 4 years ago, I didn’t think I would have the heart to share with someone my deepest troubles, and I didn’t think they would help me very much. Now I know that I have more than enough brothers&sisters in Christ to keep me grounded and to catch me when I fall.

It’s kind of strange to be saying this at the middle of summer rather than at the beginning, but dear goodness gracious, God you have just set my path for the rest of my life from this one little thing called “Seekers”.

“Rise up

keep pressing, keep pressing on”

TBT//Getting By

One thought on “(5th) Day of Summer

  1. Amenn sis!
    Very encouraging post.
    Well i’m glad to hear that you are psyched to lead the Seekers in your school. I remember how excited I was. And, you’ll do great (: Passion and Determination goes a far way. Serving God with those two brings miracles!

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