(19th) Day of Summer

Adventures with Tina Koo//Stuff I’m going to do

Today felt like any other Saturday; I slept till I had to wake up because someone was coming over to our house, yet my guts were bursting with excitement.  A while back I asked Tina and Alice to do one last baking day with a church friend of mine who has her own cake/floral design business. I left a lot of details out and just told her that we would be baking at my church because she lives in Long Island so it would be much more convenient for all of us. Tina came over with her cousin thinking that it was just another baking day, and that the cake was for the kids at my church, little did she know that Alice and I planned to let her make her own surprise cake. The idea was ingenious! That is, until I realized I came in totally unprepared in the creative department and was stuck with how to design the cake. So I had to crack the ice and reveal to Tina that the cake was, in fact, for her.

Alice (Wong) and I had also wanted to make her an adventure scrapbook (like the one from UP!) and leave blank pages for the stuff she’s going to do. Except we arrived later than planned and ran out of time to finish the scrapbook. So I left the cake-decorating station for a long while and chilled with my other Alice (Lee) while she helped me make the scrapbook and we just chatted (about boarding school and just life). I came out occasionally to check out the cake, but never stayed too long for Tina to ask me what I was doing inside. When I was finally done, I showed her the surprise, just as the cake was being finished. This has been the 4th surprise cake of this summer (First it was Katrina, then Jon, though he didn’t really have a cake, then Jae, and now Tina), and I’m really loving this feeling.

I think  it’s the new Seekers thing, bumming and surprises.

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