(18th) Day of Summer

Finally weekend!

It’s been a pretty long week, I can’t believe I’m halfway through my summer job. I’m really starting to grow used to the kids, but at the same time, I will never get used to some of their annoying habits. Today I went to print out pictures for a little project I’m doing (called my bulletin board), and I realized that half the pictures are from Seekers events. Then as I flipped through last year’s scrapbook, I saw that most of the pictures were from church events. That kind of got me excited for Fellowship Night next Friday (or “Fun Night” as the temporary name. I think “Friday Night Special” doesn’t sound that bad either!). We are hoping to head out to Long Island to play Laser Tag at Q-Zar. I feel bad for DT though, he really wanted to do a beach day but for some reason couldn’t get it together. I think originally I didn’t really want to go, now I’m going to try to make it happen for him on August 7th.

That means that I have to postpone my original schedule for the film project over the summer. Either that, or I have to do everything after work on weekdays. Or I can wait till Aug 28th to do it, cause by that time summer will almost be over. I really hope it works out. Plus, my friend’s girlfriend is out on her Alaskan cruise and we might need her for the process. Karen please come back, and bring me a polar bear while you’re at it.

Today my kids kept bugging me to find out how old I was. I really didn’t want to tell them so I just made them guess. I showed them my QC ID from college now classes, and they thought that I attended Queens college. One of the kid was really surprised when he found out I didn’t graduate college yet. He said he thought I was much older. To their surprise (well technically not yet, since they still don’t know), I haven’t even graduated high school yet! People tend to see me as someone much older. There were a couple pretty extreme instances including once at OCM when a girl shared with me about their fellowship for people ages 21-29 because she thought I was within that range; the other time was at last year’s retreat when someone thought I was the older sister and Jeff was the younger brother. That made us kind of speechless, I really didn’t know how to respond to that. I guess I’ve gotten used to being around people who are older than me, so it became natural to appear like one. However, there are still times when I wonder if that’s really a good thing or a bad thing. I really don’t mind being the youngest one in the group most of the time. “Older” folks provide me with a lot of insight into their minds, and I really enjoy their company. Plus most of them drive already, so getting a free ride is no problem with me! I really love that I am somehow always included in the activities that our College&Career group do.

I still remember Iris Lam telling me that I was “old inside” once, and now that I look back at my life, I can only respond with, “No kidding”.

2 thoughts on “(18th) Day of Summer

  1. haha, older people drive? hahaa thankss
    I think age is an overrated grading system of labelling people. In the end, it’s really about your approach to life and the things you experienced.

    and penguins too! not just panda bears!

    1. polar bears Jae, polar bears!
      and i realized that after I moved to where i am now, i’m closer to most Seekers people, so I get rides from you and Jon a lot. I used to get rides from church people when i lived in Fresh Meadows

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