(28th) Day of Summer

Mee’s Birthday

For the second year in a row, I was able to celebrate Mee You’s birthday with her. Although there was really no “celebration”, it was really nice to just be able to sit down and talk endlessly about stuff only we understand. Last night I fell asleep in mid-convos and mid-post, and I felt really bad. So today I strive to make my bedtime half an hour earlier! It’s officially August, and it’s finally starting to hit me how fast time has been going by. In about a month’s time, I’m going to start the process of being a high school senior. It’s incredible to think that I’m still so young yet at the same time I’m kind of old. I will be entering my golden years, so this should really be something.

Work has been interesting. I’m experimenting with the whole “approach it like they would” attitude. I find that although it makes me feel a bit less responsible, I’m actually really enjoying watching them learn. There are some things that I still can’t really teach them, the things that only time can make them learn (like how 95% of what we call ‘music’ on contemporary radio is really just garbage). Since we’re in August, I really thought about how time really went by quickly and about the things I would be doing before I hit senior year. Although there isn’t one “big” thing that defines this summer, I’m really happy with the collection of moments I was able to have. Hillsong United concert & DCLA definitely made a mark last year; but if I have to pick one thing for the last month or two, then it would be really difficult for me.

Sometimes I feel like all I ever write about is work and the future. It gets a little repetitive at times but I guess it’s the two things that’s really been on my mind lately. My insides are just bursting with anticipation for what’s to come, and everyday when I wake up from a 6-hour sleep, I learn something new about the way God is. Before starting work, I knew that it was going to be tough reopening the door that I so conveniently shut in His face. On Sunday I saw Albert&Justin (the kids I babysat last year) at church. I spoke to Albert very briefly, because we were both in a rush, but a part of me really wanted to redeem myself for what I couldn’t achieve last year. I really hope they join VBC at the end of summer, and I really hope that they will enjoy everything we have planned for them.

So I apologize for never talking about anything else other than work & future; please bear with this hopeful heart as she learns to trust God completely through prayers.

One thought on “(28th) Day of Summer

  1. Well, Sam, “blessed are those whose strength is in you [God], who have set their hearts on pilgrimage” (Psalm 84: 5)
    And remember that the most powerful weapon we have is prayer. If you have any regrets on things you wished to have accomplished, say kids you wanted to hopefully influence with God’s words; pray for them (: It goes a long way, as I know you and I know for a fact.

    Well, lets hope August becomes one heck of a month!

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