(29th) Day of Summer

Take a break

So I got into work 5 minutes late AGAIN. I think it’s been every other day that I go in a little bit later than I should. It’s ironic because punctuality is one of my biggest pet peeves, so you can only imagine how frustrated I get when I’m stuck in traffic. The administrators must hate me by now. I just started listening to this song called “Something Beautiful” by NeedtoBreathe. It was introduced to me by one of my kids because we were trying to pick songs for them to perform on the day of Summer Day Camp graduation. Basically, I was put in charge of the “creative department” for my grade, which simply means that I have to choreograph the whole thing; how lovely! I actually don’t mind it, because I like doing that sort of stuff anyways.

Our dear Karen Shum is back from her Alaska cruise! I totally forgot to leave her a note by her doorsteps because I told her I would. I’ve been pretty caught up with work, and when I come home at night I don’t really do anything, I just want to rest and relax. She was a bit disappointed to arrive home and find nothing. But her return means that we can move on with the film project! This also means that I have given myself a deadline, and hopefully this would motivate me to actually finish my storyboards. I’ve been drawing them since June, and I’m honestly nowhere close to finishing. This is really exciting for me, because this will be the first time I actually get to make something of my own. Under the piles of books and notebooks somewhere is the storyboards. I think I have like a good 6-8 pages left to finish. The hardest part is coming up with something new for each choruses.

Summer is supposed to be the time where we get to stretch our aesthetic muscles the most,, whether it’s making music, drawing stuff, writing stories, or creating scrapbooks. Hopefully through all the things that we do, we will be able to find something that’s truly beautiful.

One thought on “(29th) Day of Summer

  1. hey, well Summer is the time to explore yourself without the stress and find that pattern in your life that makes you, you. 😀

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