(30th) Day of Summer

Hard Times

Summer is half over and I am nowhere close to finishing the summer assignments. So far what I have done is read some of Charles Dickens’ Hard Times and said to myself, “I am so not finishing this!” The library book has kind of just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I have a very bad feeling that I will be procrastinating the summer assignments until the week before school starts. Hey, whatever works, right? I was going to go play softball tonight, but I decided to stay home instead to sit down and do some work. I actually feel really bad that I haven’t been able to focus on a lot of the things I had originally set out to do this summer because of work. Not to find an excuse, but finding a job was kind of unexpected. Although I really wanted to work this summer, I didn’t start calling back for responses until like a month and a half after I first submitted the applications. This is my first full time working summer, so I’m really not used to the whole thing. I went about planning for the summer as if I didn’t find a job.

That’s not to say that nothing interesting has happened yet. There’s something different about hanging out with friends at night. I do feel bad for temporarily abandoning my family because of all the activities I’m involved in. Jeff hasn’t found a job yet, so he pretty much just sits home and does nothing; or he runs a lot of errands and chores. There was something ironic about the fact that I was the one who found a job first (or at all!) Now the tables have turned and I have to start holding up the other end of our expenses. If we exclude the NYPhilharmonics in Cunningham, I haven’t been to a concert this year yet. I’m pretty psyched for the free Hillsong event at Brooklyn Tabernacle next Sunday. Considering it’s a free event, I’m sure a lot of people will be swarming to church that night. Instead of looking for summer concerts, I’m looking up concerts that will take place in the fall. Isn’t it funny how we always look toward the next season even if we love the one we’re currently in? It’s like wanting what you can’t have; once you’re there, it’s not as appealing as it was when you were standing far away.

I really wish I had time for the roadtrip this year. Maria keeps asking me if I was returning to work for them next summer, and as much as I’d like to, this birdy also really needs to fly, somewhere far. A roadtrip might do the trick. But roadtrips are expensive and long. Man, if we were all rich and not down in the dumps with this economy, life would be so much easier. For the longest time now I’ve been wondering what to save my current earnings for; that trip to Spain & Portugal next spring break? Or for graduation stuff? Or for next summer’s adventures? Or possibly lessen some load for college? I wish I knew how to satisfy all my desires. But then that takes the meaning out of making sacrifices. Hmm, God knew what He was doing when He gave man the free will to make choices.

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