(45th) Day of Summer

Find a job; check and done!

Today officially concludes my working days at First Baptist Church’s Summer Day Camp. It’s crazy to think about how fast time has passed. From the long hours to the crazy ADD children, this whole experience has been really humbling for me. As someone whose pet peeve is punctuality, I show up to work late within 5 minutes almost every other day. In the back of my head I always thought that our administrator disliked me because of that. I remember how frustrating it was that first week; trying to get used to the swing of things. After I had that talk with Jeff about what the most effective way to lead kids is, I decided to put myself in their shoes and it really made the difference. I don’t want to say that it was all due to that, I know part of learning how to humble myself has a lot to do with love. Initially I thought this day was going to be long and painful; it was both, but also very quick. It hasn’t quite hit me just yet that all of this is done; not that I want to keep working 40 hour weeks. I guess the end of work also means the end of summer, and that’s somethin I’m still trying to hold onto for as long as I possibly could.

I feel like I should be celebrating tonight, but everyone’s gone to rest early because we have Running Roots Tournament tomorrow morning; our first game is at 9:30 so we’d have to be there at 8:30. Sometimes when I take a step back to realize how insanely packed my summer schedule is, I know for a fact that there is God if I’m still able to go on like this. Being leaders is hard work, especially because you have to learn how to do service also. This is the night I can rest and reorganize myself, supposedly. I’m not even playing tomorrow, I’ll just be there to help keep score and such. For the longest time now, I’ve been wanting to go to a spa of some sort. My muscles don’t feel right. I think I’m going to be up pretty late tonight. I know I really shouldn’t, because of what’s planned tomorrow, but this finally feels like the time to take that giant breath.

Breathe Sam, breathe. You got another week of VBC to go through.

One thought on “(45th) Day of Summer

  1. hey sam, I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve last commented. haha! I’ve been quite preoccupied with some stuff.
    But, it seems to me that you are content with how you spent your summer with the FBC summer school, which is great! And, from my experiences with my church’s VBS days; I remember them to be a lot of fun. I think the best part of VBS is thinking, “DANG I used to be that little too” and in that way, we end up learning about ourselves too. haha, but sounds exciting! And, I like your last statement. Sometimes, we forget to breathe…..

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