(47th) Day of Summer

Gear up & go!

This day has been quite long and eventful. Doing some final touches and preparation for VBC this week made me really excited about the coming week. The only thing that sucks is that since we’re supposed to be in a more godly environment, I really have to keep the yelling to a minimum. I pray that I do not need it this week; I’ve done enough yelling at SDC to last for a month. There’s a stack of books sitting next to me waiting to be finished by September. I think so far this entire summer, I’ve been doing all talk and no action. I try really hard, but some of the things actually take a lot more motivation to do. Some other things just take a lot of time (e.g. the video project with Ryan). Before the summer ends, I really want to go out for restaurant week. $35 for dinner is not bad at all. For this whole week, I’m eating out Mon-Wed. as of now; possible dinner plan for Thursday night, if that’s the case then I’ll be eating out every night. Crazy.

I’ve been youtubing song covers for a good while now; I love looking for new stuff to listen to. Sometimes I feel like I get really distracted doing stuff. I guess for this whole summer, I haven’t sat down to focus on one thing yet. The only times I was able to do that was when I went to Flushing early and stayed in a bakery reading; but I really had no other choice anyways. And even still, I would run errands during those times. It’s no wonder I haven’t gotten anything productive done this summer. What a fail. And to think that college preparation process is starting real soon. I have yet to visit any campus because my family don’t really believe that visiting the campuses would do much to help. I feel like out of all the people I know, I’m the least prepared for this whole thing. By the time I start doing some actual work, it’ll be the week before school starts. As accomplished as I feel this summer for actually finding a job, it feels like I wasted a lot of time doing any sort of preparation for my future. I think I am only this anxious because the people around me have already gotten a head-start and are more goal-oriented than I am. To be honest, I feel like it’s something I don’t have to worry too much about until school starts. But then again, I might regret not using the time to prep myself when I could.

Dang it Sam, why are you thinking about school/college again when you should be preparing for the week of VBC?

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