(54th) Day of Summer

Changing me, and changing you

I think tonight was probably the first time we got a group of 10+ people inside our house, and man is our house not suited for gatherings of such! I think if we utilize it correctly though, we should have enough space to fit 20 people inside our house comfortably. It’s taking a bit longer time for me to change my mindset away from working mode. I still haven’t packed for Leadership Conference for the next three days, and I actually have to be up pretty early to travel to Staten Island. Each day I wonder how I keep pulling through. In the back of my mind I know that I should really get cracking on a lot of the work that I’ve missed out on, but for some reason doing things last minute the night before has worked out pretty ok for me so far. I’m the type of person who would much rather stay up late to prepare for the next day than to sleep early and pray that I wake up the next day with enough time.

So today I discovered that one of my best friends has always wanted to go on an epic roadtrip to California her graduating summer. That’s a pretty awesome coincidence because I have always wanted to do the same too! Becca and I decided that we were going to aim for that next summer, but just incase by that time neither one of us will have gotten our license, we can bike out to the airport and fly over. HAHAHAHA. That’s probably not going to be as epic. I will probably drag Jeff along in that case then. But it’s such a good feeling to find someone who shares the same passion or goal as you; it certainly makes doing things less lonely. For the longest time now, I felt like I was starting to lose my connection with Becca. About the only thing we shared was our childhood memories. We grew up to be so different, yet at the same time because of our history, it’s so easy to understand each other. Now that I know she has the same dream as me, I finally feel like we’re in sync again. When we were little, people often confused us as sisters (although I don’t know how because there is absolutely no resemblance). We had similar interest and were probably the two most daring, non-traditional girls to ever come out of Children’s group. I think no matter how different we may be, or how disappointed I am by the way things turned out to be, reminiscing about the days when we were young will always make me feel better.

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