(55th) Day of Summer

Back on track

I got back from Seekers Leadership Conference yesterday and knocked out at 2AM cause I was pretty tired. The past three days have really been fun and I am excited for the coming year. It’s so different from last year, when the whole team was there and it felt like we had all our stuff together. Look at what happened now. Over the conference, I heard a lot of emphasis on the fact that the entire leadership team has to be together, and that our respective Seekers clubs depend on the strength of the leadership. After some thought, Christine and I decided that it would be the best if for our vision this year, we just focus on getting the leadership team together. See, I figured that as of now, our leadership team doesn’t really have a relationship with each other anyway, to go out now and strive for a vision for the club will only exhaust us. So instead of trying grow our club and grow our leadership at the same time, let’s us focus on growing our leadership.

I believe in leading by example, so I always feel that if I have a hard time trying to figure out how to get others somewhere, I should just do it myself. If I can show it in my actions, then naturally others can see it and will imitate it. My hope is that if the members can see the love and togetherness within the leadership, that they will want it for themselves and be motivated to do the same. In terms of actual club meetings, we’ll just plan a little something different every week without spending too much time into the process. If by the Spring term, we can get a solid foundation, both within the leadership and in the club itself, then maybe we can turn our focus towards the growth of our club. Sometimes we forget that we can’t expect to see the planting, growing, and harvesting of seeds all within the same year, stuff like this takes time. We want great things to happen, but wanting it to happen all within our time is just being selfish.

Our vision/theme for the year is “from the inside out”. To change the world, you change the city; to change the city, you change the community; to change the community, you change the school; to change the school, you change the people in the school; to change the people, you change their hearts; to change their hearts, you change yours. You go backwards to go forward; from the inside to the outside.

To change our Seekers, we will change our leadership first.

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