And let the world hear

Today at the Pep Rally, we tried to get people to do surveys for us to better understand the needs of the student body. Unfortunately, not many people seemed to be interested much in what we’re doing and what we’re about. I would partially blame the layout of the whole event; it was poorly done. You can’t stick the fundraising clubs on the total opposite side of the field and expect us to be able to get much. And from the people who did approach our table, they take one look at the sign and say “I’m not religious” or “Oh, it’s a Christian club”. I wish at that moment I was able to tell them that I wasn’t religious either.

It’s very hard to feel anguish for the world when the world chooses to not even bother listening to what you have to say. I learned that our school has a “Free Thinkers” club, which in essence is kind of like a group of people who fall into the belief of relativism. Someone came up to our table and told us about them just in case we were interested in “yelling at each other”, and honestly I felt very hurt by the comment. The thing that makes this whole thing hard is that because people still hold onto their misconceptions, they don’t care. Yes, it is not my job to change you or save you, and whether or not you receive salvation, that’s not up to me. But I cannot keep my beliefs to myself when my very beliefs make it impossible for me to do so. I was having this conversation with Glennis the other day, and we think about how people are always telling us that they’re not religious; it’s not their thing; or we are free to believe in whatever we want.

A lot of times when I have to talk to a non-believer who is very skeptical about the matter, I get stumped because I don’t know where to start. Do I tell them what Jesus did for us? That’s like putting Him on an ad and trying to sell him. Do I tell them that “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and then show them how to right the wrong? That makes me judgmental and apparently better than everyone else. Do I just live my life and lead by example? Then people will see it as me just keeping my beliefs to myself; Faith without deeds is dead. Do I explain to them that Christianity is not about religion but a relationship? Then I’d have to go into details and people will stop listening to me 10 seconds into the conversation.

Everyday I feel like I can see God everywhere and in everything, and a lot of times people either don’t see it, or don’t want to see it. They quickly dismiss you as another senseless iconoclast of the world. How did God do it? How did He deal with all this faithlessness and still have love enough to come after them? How does He not damn the wicked into eternity? The sad truth is that while we can’t ever seem to muster enough love for the lost, a little bit of God’s love is more than enough for all of mankind. An incredible God we have; an incredibly patient and loving God we have.

One thought on “And let the world hear

  1. while you’re working FOR Him, there will always be people working against you.
    just alway remember who you’re doing it for – and everything else becomes second priority.(:

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