Father Will You Come

Thanks to Simon Song, I have been listening to this song by Unhindered for the past 24 hours. We led this song together at MTS this morning, and although our set was SUPER SHORT (2 songs!), there was so much power in the lyrics. For the first time in a long time, I felt so refreshed, so empowered by these words; also for the first time in a long time, I finally felt like I was REALLY worshiping God along with the congregation, and not just trying to get them to sing. It may have made a difference that MTS this month was a HUGE turnout. I would say about 40 something people were present, 13 schools represented; it’s a shame I didn’t get to take a picture of the attendance. I feel like the sudden burst of numbers was really out of nowhere, and I wish I had more time to get to know others, but it was just so amazing.

During MTS, Rev. Edgard spoke once again about how leadership/clubs become strong. Ever since I felt our calling at Leadership Conference, I have always wondered if our vision was just something I wanted and was pushing the idea into others. I have a bad tendency of wanting to recreate things from the past that I really cherished, but the truth is that what worked for us in the past won’t necessarily work for us now; we’re all different. Time and time again however, I have felt that the messages I’ve heard kept reinforcing that idea, and I can finally say with confidence that this is a direction that God has called us to go. Working from the inside out can be a bit of a dangerous thing, because for the most part we will be focusing on building the leadership team. I have said this over and over again, but if we accomplish nothing else this year, I want to make sure that  the leaders for next year are already in fellowship and accountability with each other that they can just get up and go. I’ve finally come to realize that not everything good will get to happen during our time, that’s being selfish. I want to see the new generation’s growth when I leave this place, and the only way to do that is to let them have a piece of the cake.

An analogy that came into my head is looking at the Seekers as bridge builders. Most leaderships I’ve known or experienced try to refine the wood and build the bridge at the same time, the only problem with that is when hardships come, we are left desperately trying to keep the structure and refine the wood at the same time. In our course of action however, doesn’t it make more sense if we refined all the wood first to make sure that they’re all sturdy. Then we pass it on to the leaders of next year to build that bridge; then when the bridge is build, people are called to cross that.

A lot of times I think about the Lewis traditions that we’re giving up or have already given up this year, as much as I’d like to have these memories for my senior year, I have never felt so good about NOT doing everything. I want us to live life together; I want us to seek God together; I want us to bring revivals to our schools. But it seems like the only way to get there, the only way to contribute is to let go of doing the actual events. One thing that came across as I sat in MTS was about the Jesus Day outreach. It’s supposed to be a day of OUTreach. How are we, as Christians, supposed to expect people to come to God if we don’t even have the unity enough to know what we’re doing, or how to live it out. Right now, evangelism isn’t our main focus, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it, but until our hearts are all aligned, we can’t do much.

I used to want Seekers during my senior to be about letting others know LOUDLY who our God is, and about the “reputation” of Seekers. But a flaw in there is that sometimes the leadership team has to suffer and limp through it. What if we weren’t called to do such? What if we were called to revolutionize the way we train our future leaders so that THEY can create maximum impact. That’s still being part of the story, and I think I will be happy with playing that role.

Father will You come and open up our eyes
Fill us with Your heart, renew us with Your life
Consume us with Your majesty
Consume us with Your majesty

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