It’s all in the family

Family: you can’t live with them, have LIVED without them.

I wanted this trip to be nostalgic; I wanted to do the things I did when I was younger, but I did not mean to have to endure this again. I didn’t want to have to tear up in their faces either, but when no human being is willing to listen, the only thing I can do I desperately BEG for God’s grace to enter this household. I basically grew up hearing two of my aunts argue and fight, almost always it’s just meaningless crap that I could care less about. But when I was younger I made myself invisible and just played by myself on the side. Somehow, this time I hit my breaking point in enduring their shenanigans and put my foot into the fight. I have seen a lot of spiritual maturity in one of my aunts, and I know what we were all asking of her was incredibly hard. But it’s just another classic clash of the stubborn heads. I don’t know if my mom has the heart to head home after this ridiculous episode in the sisterhood of insanity.

All I could do was dwell on James 1 and listen to praise songs. It’s been an exhausting day, I took out all my energy praying on my knees, but I have to put on a happy face for the cousins because they sort of begged me to stay also.

Last but not least, long before this episode, I have been thanking God everyday for an older brother who looked after me even to this day without picking fights with me. How I ever got so lucky I will never know, but perhaps the overflowing issues of my aunts were enough to burden multiple generations.

One thought on “It’s all in the family

  1. Hang in there Sam! Another one of the many obstacles God has planned out for you. The best time to approach these situations is when people are calm and would actually listen/think rather than angry and defensive (You definitely heard this many times). Similar situations like this happen with the Wang’s a lot and the experiences helps me through similar situations that I come across. I don’t know exactly what your aunts argue about but of course prayer is the good option and also asking God to give you more patience and wisdom to become more like him. Observe both sides of the argument: why does he/she think they are correct. Then bring in biblical scriptures as your backup when you attempt to rebuke someone.
    Everything happens for a reason, that reason is something God wants you to discern and when you do, then that is when you will learn and grow.
    #21, You may be able to cross this number out soon, seems God has already started on this.

    Don’t forget you are also on a vacation! Take deep breaths and relax, it’ll be alright.

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