(1st) Day of Summer

Ambition. Determined.

Well, it’s technically not the 1st day of summer. It’s July 6th, the first day of work for me. Mentally, my summer started at the end of May. Not too long ago, I really felt God trying to “pry the pride out of me”, so to speak. Why?

A) I realized that even after years of “I promise to NEVER again…” I still end up holding on to more than I should. I mean the whole meaning of trusting God and total surrender is TOTAL surrender. So I am not surprised that it’s left Him to kind of put me in a situation where choosing not to rely 100% on Him is impossible. Yes, summer was completely packed from start to finish before we even hit July.

B) I’m working over the summer at First Baptist Church’s Summer Day Camp. It’s kind of ironic because spending my entire summer with kids (VBC at church after work finishes) was not the plan I had in mind. I kind of slammed that door in God’s face months ago. Learning to like kids again is really going to take a lot of faith, and PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER.

Building a blog was something I wanted to do for a while. It’ll be like getting back into the habit of journaling. It’s a challenge to ‘commit’ to something without obligations.

And I will probably end many posts with Tim Be Told quotes because that’s how much I love them.

“I am reckless with my soul, broken and defeated, by the things I can’t control. I have given up so many things for a hope when I die, that these heaven seeking promises would last. Oh God of mercy, You have told me I can put it in Your hands, do You really think I can?

And if I had everything I want, would I keep falling down?
So here I am, learning to cast aside, all of my desires…”

TBT//All of Me

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