(21st) Day of Summer

Happy Birthday Iris!

Dear Iris,

Because you are such an awesome llama, I have decided to write an even longer birthday blog to add on to your card. Feel special. I hope your day was awesome even though you’re still at work yelling at 2nd graders to stare at the heads of the person lining in front of them. I didn’t give myself enough time to prepare a better gift, so I hope you liked the two lollipops. I was actually going to get you Quicklys during lunch, but it’s not like I would ever go there by myself anyways, so I just ended up not going. Sorry.

Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard me say this many times already, but you were the first person to help me ground myself when I was all over the place. Granted it may be because of your “no-nonsense” answers/advice, but I guess that’s what earned my respect for you. See, when I ask people or talk to people about other things, they just reply with a standard, “You should do whatever you feel best”, or, “Oh don’t worry about it, I’m here for you”. Truth is, until I met you, I never believed them, even if they were sincere. I’m sorry that your school doesn’t have a fellowship for you to be involved with, and thus you were stuck with our meaningless drama this year. But I think out of everyone I’ve spoken to, you have offered the most support and commitment. And after a year, I think it’s finally fitting to tell you, Iris, go get a life. HAHAHAHAHA. Kidding. Once a Seeker, always a Seeker.

Well, although you may not have done anything special, I heard 19 is a good year to be in. Not really. 19 is like insignificant. Unless you look at it as your last teenage year. In another 365 days, you would have lived through 2 entire decades. Insane. I look forward to spending more time with you the rest of the summer, and also once the school year begins. What, did you think I was really gonna let you go through a month without hearing about Seekers? Haha, you’re funny.

With Love in Christ,


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