Week of the 18th

According to my 2011 resolution list, I was supposed to make my 18th a meaningful one. I think I was just desperately trying to fill in the 25 spaces, because the week has come and gone and nothing seems to have changed except for the fact that I now have to care about politics. I’m not really disappointed, I think there was a part of me that knew I really wasn’t going to do anything, haha. I’m still into that “throw a ridiculously giant party at a random age” thing. So I’ll give it a couple more years.

So today Bloomberg decided to screw all a good amount of Seniors in NYC by pushing the U.S. History&Government regents to June. Seriously, with Dozo’ and Lewis combined, the graduating class will probably equal the entire student body of Staten Island schools. I’m not happy either, and I think we should all just boycott it or something, hahaha. But I suppose a day spent at home is good for me to catch up on some work. Except I spent my entire morning outside shoveling. I’m actually supposed to be taking a “break” right now, but I don’t really intend on going back out there again. One of these days I’m just going to give up and lock myself in the house until all the snow melts away.

Right now the only thing keeping me company is Josh Wilson’s two CDs.

God I know you have a sense of humor. But I really don’t get it, cause no one’s laughing right now…

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